Thursday, May 14, 2015

Comics this week

Astro City #23- After a few issues focusing on the serious problem of aging in a super heroic world, writer Kurt Busiek changed tack this arc by having a…talking gorilla? Not just any talking gorilla but a music-loving, drum-playing talking gorilla! It’s part of what makes Astro City much a fun series to follow. After a few heavy issues, we will now have a weird and fun romp through the musical underbelly of the city. Busiek even managed to throw a bone to long-time readers by showing Astra back in the city. Wonderful!

Hinterkind #18- This is it; we have come to the end of Hinterkind. A good series that struggled to find an audience, it came as no surprise to me that the series is coming to an end. Writer Ian Edginton rushed things a little but in the end, he did manage to give us a satisfactory end to the war between the Skinlings and the Sidhe and we were even shown the lives of the surviving characters years down the line. I would have loved to see Hinterkind continued with more art by Francesco Trifogli but I guessed the series was just too unique for the general public. Still, it has been a good run.

Secret Wars #2- Say what you want about writer Jonathan Hickman, the man knows how to weave an intriguing tale. Secret Wars #2 basically show us the world called “Battleworld”. With the Marvel Universe destroyed in #1, #2 shows us the world created by Doom in its aftermath. Hickman do a lot world-building in this issue, we get to see the legion of Thors, a few kingdoms in the world, and even a short history of the planet. What’s surprising was how smooth the whole issue was. Hickman was able to give us all this info without us once feeling there was an info-dump. That takes some doing. He was ably helped in this issue by artist Esad Ribic. Esad and colorist Ive Svorcina bought Battleworld to life in a truly impressive way. From the kingdoms, to Doom’s castle, to the Shield, to the Deadlands; almost everything was amazing. Quick, bring on the next issue! 

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