Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Jupiter's Legacy

Today in #2 of Jupiter's Circle, I read a surprising little bit of news. Mark Millar has sold the rights of Jupiter's Legacy and a movie will be made of the series. In case you don't know, Mark Millar is the guy who created and wrote "Kick-Ass" as well as "The Secret Service", which was made into a movie called "The Kingsman".

I don't know what's more surprising to me. The fact that a pretty recent series like Jupiter's Legacy (published only in 2013) will be made into a movie, or the fact that I was surprised by this piece of news. After all, superheroes movies are all the rage right now and "The Kingsman" was such a hit that a sequel will currently begin planned (no word on a sequel to "The Secret Service" though).

Honestly, I'm not sure how well "Jupiter's Legacy" will work as a movie. The series is about the generational conflict between old and new heroes; about how heroes of the "Golden Age" treat their powers as a way to inspire mankind while their children want to use their powers to treat society's ills directly (entering politics, creating new power source for the world etc). It is also a way to showcase how the morals of the heroes changed over time. In this world, a Golden Age hero would never think of having sex with a woman he saved, but a modern hero would have no problem with it as long as everyone is willing and happy. 

Can they do that in a movie? I'm not sure but call me positively intrigued.

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