Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Star Trek Building

Star Wars has crazy fans. Star Trek has crazy fans. In the (mostly) friendly battle of which franchise has the crazier fans, Liu Dejian has single-handedly gave Star Trek a leg up on the competition.  

A Chinese millionaire and self-confessed Star Trek fan, Liu is the boss of mobile Internet app developer NetDragon Websoft and has designed his company headquarters in China in the shape of the USS Enterprise! At a cost of $160 million, the building located in the eastern city of Fuzhou has the contours and features of the Enterprise and my god, is it a thing of beauty or what? 

It will take a lot from Star Wars fans to beat this and just in case you are wondering, Liu actually can build his building like this. According to Chinese media, Liu bought the USS Enterprise copyright from CBS. My god, what’s next? A building in the shape of the Millennium Falcon? 

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