Friday, June 5, 2015

Comics this week

Justice League #41- Writer Geoff Johns has been promoting the "The Darkseid War” storyline for months now and if this first part of the story is any indication, we are in for a treat. Beautifully drawn by artist Jason Fabok, this issue is dramatic with a capital D as Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor gear up for a war with Earth as the battleground. The Justice League are now caught in no-man’s land as the cosmic powers are waging a war on the planet they swore to protect. The League may be able to defeat either Darkseid or the Anti-Monitor, but both of them? Even when the two are more interested in destroying each other? Any war between the two might manage to destroy the planet in the process! I loved the fact that Johns is putting his previous JL storylines in this story too. The dramatic plot twists, epic fights, and the revelations that Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor had been preparing for this conflict for some time now means this is going to be a wild and unpredictable wide. Bring on the next issue!

Master of Kung-Fu #2- Of all the Secret Wars tie-ins, this series is the best (and the only one I collect). In Master of Kung-Fu, writer Haden Blackman basically ignore the rest of the Secret Wars and concentrate on giving readers a living, breathing world and the series is wonderful for it. The main story might be the drunken master Shang-Chi and his road to redemption, but Blackman show he has some great ideas as the issue is populated with variations of characters which fans know and love. Pick this up!

Secret Wars #3- Writer Jonathan Hickman managed to do a strange thing this issue; he made God King Doom a character to root for! It’s still the same Doom we all love to hate; ambitious, smart, regal, and tragic, but Hickman gets us to the man behind the armor, the man who now has the power of a god and is in many ways more alone than ever with the power. In many ways, this Doom remind me of Golgoth (Empire); a villain who became king and now wonder if he still want the job. This Doom is so well written, it almost make me regret the re-emergence of the stragglers from the old Marvel U.

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