Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Facing The Death Penalty

Last Saturday, 23-year-old Muhammad Iskandar Sa’at was brought to Khoo Teck Huat Hospital (KTPH) after complaining of chest pains. He was in police custody due to vehicle theft and was at the hospital with 2 policemen.

Iskandar waited for 1 of the cops to leave and then jumped on the other officer. He grabbed the lone officer's baton, hit him and then grabbed his gun. 2 nearby paramedics at the hospital assisted the officer by helping to pin down the accused. In the ensuing melee, 3 shots were fired and 2 hit the officer. Thankfully, the officer did not suffer serious injuries and is now in stable condition after surgery. Iskander is now facing a firearms charge which carry the death penalty.

Now this has prompt some Singaporeans to wonder if he should be facing the death penalty. In one short word; Yes!

A discharge from a firearm is a capital punishment offence in Singapore, and the man did it after going for the gun of a police officer. Add to that, he was already in custody and a police officer was shot twice. 

Now I can only say he was very stupid. Vehicle theft carry what...2-5 years max? I can't understand why he went for the gun. It was stupid, but he did do it. So that means that yes, he should face the death penalty.

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