Thursday, June 4, 2015

Shut Too Soon

2 months? I’m no fan of the MOBA genre and I never played Turbine’s DC Comics-flavored MOBA, Infinite Crisis, but…2 months? That’s how long it lasted? Sorry but that is ridiculous! 

That's my reaction when I heard that Turbine was going to shut down "Infinite Crisis" after launching the game just 2 months ago. Now I understand MOBA is a tough genre to crack with "Dota 2" and "League of Legends" in the market, so a new MOBA crashing and burning is to be expected, but "Infinite Crisis" was only officially launched two months ago. No matter how badly it is tanking, surely Turbine should stay with a game for more than 2 miserable months right?

I love “Lord of The Rings Online” so Turbine has a lot credit with me but they should never have launched "Infinite Crisis" if they were only going to give it just 2 months to find its feet. I never played the game so I can’t say if the game deserved to be shut, but even if it is, surely an online game should last more than 2 months. 

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