Thursday, June 25, 2015

Comics this week

Copperhead #8- After the big shootout last issue, the gang is on the run with Deputy Boo as prisoner. Bad idea. Just in this issue, Boo jumped out of a moving vehicle, snapped a guy’s neck with his hands, and even had time to plan doubts in some of the gang members. Even tied up, beaten down, and outnumbered, Boo proves once again why he’s the real deal and Sheriff Clara (even if she don’t know it) got his job because she was a human.

Ninjak #4- The idea of an origin story for Roku is a bit of a surprise but writer Matt Kindt did a good job giving us a supernatural bend to what was beforehand a typical Medusa-like villain. Now I have been raving about Kindt for a while now due to his excellent work on various series like Rai but without question, the stars of this issue are artist Butch Guice and Marguerite Sauvage. This issue is just beautiful. Roku’s journey in the mystic realm, facing off against a variety of Onis was intriguing to say the least. Even the backup story in this issue, not always my favorite part of the series, was excellent. It makes me wonder if Kindt intend Kannon and Roku to be more than just a foil for one story arc.

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