Saturday, June 13, 2015

Comics this week

Earth 2: The Society #1- The main thing that came out of Convergence was a reborn world for the people of Earth 2. Not only that, it also setup a story for Earth 2's "wonders" to steer humanity from the very beginning of civilzation. Writer Daniel Wilson and artist Jorge Jimenez did the right things for the majority of the issue, showing the crash-landing of the suriving ships to the planet surface and the wide-eye awe of the population at the second chance they are getting. However I could do without the future Dick Grayson as the new Batman of the Earth 2. New Gotham may be a good idea but showing Grayson one year on take out some of the tension of the story, we don't need that on a debut.

Injection #2- I had been a fan of writer Warren Ellis since his run on Hellstorm: Prince of Lies, so I'm used to him doing weird shit. Add that to the fact that he is now teaming up with artist Declan Shalvey again and we are all expecting something great. Injection however has not been great so far. It is interesting, it is weird, it looks very promising but...what's it about? There's something about being too strange for its own good and unless Ellis start clearing things up, we may be reaching that point soon.

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