Thursday, December 10, 2015

Comics this week

Earth 2: Society #7- What a finish! You know a show that started poorly but was then saved by a strong finish? (Cough, Netflix’s Daredevil, cough) Well, that’s the case with Earth 2. The series started poorly but I feel writer Daniel H. Wilson may have saved the series with a great finish to the first arc. The various heroes of Earth 2 joined in to stop Doctor Impossible and by the end, you got the definite feeling that this was the beginning of something great. Justice Society; here we come! 

Secret Wars #8- The limp to the finish line continues as writer Jonathan Hickman forgo all pretense of character and plot development and just gave artist Esad Ribic license to deliver nonstop action. Marvel’s decision to delay the finish of this event series now actually make sense as Ribic had a ton of fun with all the heroes, villains, Negative Zone bugs and Marvel Zombies. Considering how poor (or non-existent) the writing is, it’s great news for Marvel they had Ribic on board. Without his work, this issue would be nowhere near as impressive as it was.

The Troop #1- Known for its Assassin Creed adaptation, Titan Comics now venture into superhero territory with The Troop. After reading #1, I think they may have a winner here. Writer Noel Clarke ticked a lot of boxes but in a way that is just different enough to be interesting. Artist J. Cassara compliments the writing beautifully with detail art that’s expresses the characters’ feelings with gusto. I picked this up with no expectations whatsoever, and finished it feeling this could be the sleeper hit of the year. Take a look, it’s well worth it.  

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