Thursday, December 3, 2015

Michelin Star?

Can a hawker stall in Singapore get a Michelin Star? That question is being asked in Singapore after news came out that a ramen stall in Japan got a Michelin Star. 

In the typical kaisu Singapore way, Singaporeans are now wondering if a Singapore hawker stall can do the same. After all, if a ramen stall in Japan with a grand seating capacity of just 9 seats can do it, why not in Singapore?

The answer is simple. In Singapore, we don't have the same food culture as in Japan. Most hawker stalls here sell food that are filling, cheap and quick to make. These are the main criteria for a stall in Singapore. Having great food (which usually means increase prices) is secondary.

Until this culture changes in Singapore, I highly doubt is any hawker stall in Singapore will ever get a Michelin Star. 

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