Thursday, December 17, 2015

Comics this week

Justice League #46- After the last few issues where almost everything was blown out of the water, I could forgive writer Geoff Johns for a setup issue. After the last issue, many were left wondering about the continuation of this storyline. After all, can there be a “Darkseid War” when Darkseid is dead?  The answer is a big “Yes” as the other players in the game made their moves on the Anti-Monitor. A lot of the credit for this issue falls to artist Francis Manapul who seems to be having fun. Bring forth the next chapter!

Web Warriors #02- Electro-Horse, “It’s a pig!” Spider-Ham, “It’s a horse!” Just like that, Mike Costa sold me on this issue. It’s fun; it’s weird; it’s a blast! I thought of picking this up till the end of the first arc, but if this continues I may have to consider putting this under “ongoing collection”. It’s that fun of a read.  

We Stand On Guard #6- I admit; I thought this was an ongoing series but now found out that it isn't. No matter because if this was the last ever issue of We Stand On Guard, it was one hell of a way to close the story. Sacrifices were made by members of the Two-Four with Amber finally showing us readers why she's the main character thus far. Not only that, the story shows us why war is always a nasty thing to be avoided at all cost. I don't know if writer Brian K. Vaughan intend to keep the series going later but if he do, I'll be there to pick it up.

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