Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Fault and Recovery

The movie: The Force Awakens
The location: Golden Village Vivocity IMAX
The time: 6.35pm

About a quarter of the movie gone and..."Sorry but we are facing technical difficulties."

That's right. Tonight I went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens and a quarter of the movie in, I faced the blue screen of death. At a movie theater! Even after the movie restarted, there was audio problems throughout the movie. Static noise came out, making the movie slow, quiet moments a non-starter. After the movie ends however, Golden Village offered everyone in the theater a full refund with a complimentary pass to another movie which I must use by the end of February 2016.  

The movie was destroyed by the technical problems (and it wasn't very good to begin with) but Golden Village did what they could. Full refund with a free movie ticket? Well, I guess I could withdraw the complaint email I was going to sent to Golden Village.

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