Thursday, December 24, 2015

Comics this week

Jupiter's Circle Vol. 2 #2- t the end of the first volume of Jupiter's Circle, Skyfox left the team and it seems the stage was set for him to turn villain. Writer Mark Millar now set the stage with a surprising portrayal that's far different from his protayal in volume 1. At the start of the issue, Skyfox has retired from the superhero life and is slumping around with 60s counterculture icons. However the 60s is America was a time of great change and whereas Sheldon and gang tow the official superhero line of non-inference, a retired superhero like Skyfox don't feel he has to tow the same line and could do what he thinks is right. You can easily see the murky middle ground between the two sides and it would not really be all that surprising if Skyfox gets into trouble with the U.S government of that time.

Payback #4- If there was any doubts , this issue settled it. Paybacks is a villain book. The members of the team are not a group of villains per say, but they do work for a villain. Money is everything for Mr. Pierce and control is a close second. The ruthless way he ordered the assassination of Skisquatch shown his colors clearly and Bloodpatch's reaction to the (seemingly) death of his partner set things up for the future. The twist in the end of Ms. Adventure was also a nice touch. Things are looking up for the future.

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