Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Jose Mourinho for Louis van Gaal

When Louis van Gaal was appointed manger of Manchester United, I thought it was a strange choice. The man has a great CV, but I never rate LVG very highly and thought he’ll be a bad fit. Half a season later and that seems to be the case.

Results wise, Man Utd is doing okay. They are fifth in the Premiership but only on goal difference. For a good chunk of the season, they were in the top 4. That’s not good enough for Man Utd fans and pressure is mounting on the embattled Manchester United manager especially regarding the fact that his Man Utd do not attack enough. Speculation is that LVG will be axed and former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho will be his replacement.

Wait a minute; What?

Fans are complaining that Louis van Gaal don’t attack enough, and the Man Utd board think that’s something that’s going to change under cynical win-at-all cost Jose Mourinho? Do you guys even watch teams that played under Jose Mourinho? Since when has Jose become a manager whose team “attack”? He’s more likely to put 11 guys behind the ball than come out with an attacking formation.

Like I said earlier, I thought Louis van Gaal was a bad fit for Man Utd. I think the same can be said for Jose Mourinho; only worse! 

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