Thursday, February 1, 2007

Singapore beat Thailand in 'kelong' match

Singapore beat Thailand for the first time in 30 years after Malaysian referee C. Ravichandran somehow adjudged that Singapore striker Noh Alam Shah was pulled down in the box by Thai centre-back Niweat Siriwong in the 82th min. After which, the Thai staged a 15 mins walkout. After they came back, Mustafic Fahrudin (who had a great game btw) then converted the spotkick to hand the Singapore the 2-1 victory. It was total nonsense!
When the players went down, every player on the pitch was turning to run down-field. There wasn't a single protest from anyone (including the Singapore players) for a penalty. The morning papers in Singapore tried to paper over the incident by saying that the Thais should not have walked out. None of the papers said anything about the awarding of the penalty, which was a wise decision because there wasn't one! The smell (and spirit) of kelong is still strong, my follow readers.
And mind you, this is the view of a Singaporean.

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