Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Penis Envy!

If there are any doubts that Americans are crazy, this settles it! In the crazy sensitive world that is America, people are actually questioning whether a guitar was just a guitar during Prince's Super Bowl halftime show yesterday.

Prince's performance included a guitar solo during "Purple Rain" in which his shadow was projected onto a large beige sheet. The silhouette cast by his figure and his guitar had phallic connotations for some. Some idiots out there- including a television critic David Bianculli (never heard of him) called it "a rude-looking shadow show" that "looked embarrassingly rude, crude and unfortunately placed."

Two words for these people. Penis Envy! It must be. How else can you explain these complains? If you don't believe me, go to Youtube and check out the clips. I'll be amazed if anyone who is NOT a crazy Amercian can see anything wrong with the performance. Crazy Americans!

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