Thursday, February 15, 2007

Here we go again

Oh oh, here we go again. During a press conference, US President George W. Bush said that he is certain that the Iranian government is supplying deadly weapons used by fighters in Iraq...he just can't prove it at the moment.

CAN'T PROVE IT? Then why say anything? After basing the invasion of Iraq on (deliberate?) faulty intelligence, now the madman is gunning for Iran. He can say that he's NOT going to attack Iran, but the way the U.S is going around with this remind a lot of people (including me) of the time before they attack Iraq. This does not look good.

The last time, Singapore backed the U.S in the Iraqi war (we were in the Coalition of the Willing). I think it's safe to say with hindsight that we backed the wrong horse that time. Let's not do it again.

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