Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Heroes (TV series)

Just finished watching the 2nd episode of Heroes and I must say that I am disappointed with it. I don't care if it is the most-watched new series on American television, I only watched it as I am a great comics book fan. But this is more a show of people with superpowers, than a show of superheroes.

I mean there is this storyline about this cheerleader with regenerative power. Said cheerleader also has an adopted father who seemingly hunts people with power. See the tension? Well I don't! Come on! If I want to watch shows with such melodrama, I'll go watch a soap! Not that you will ever catch me watching them, I must add.

I will say that the 2nd episode is much better than the first. That I think is down to the appearance of Greg Grunberg. I remember him on Alias. On that show, he was just another forgettable male guy/wallpaper; on Heroes, he is the best thing so far! Playing a police officer called Matt Parkman, he saved today from been just another set-up epsiode like episode 1. Parkman is a mind-reader and the show cleverly show how the power can be both a curse and a boon at the same time. But there were just too many storylines in the show. Some of the characters (and their storylines) barely lasted 10 mins before the show switch to another character. Unless the rest of the storylines catch my attention like Greg Grunberg did, it was very hard to keep them all in order. That was also not helped by the fact that the show go all mysterious on some of the characters, like the cheerleader's father and a stripper with a spilt personality. And from what I heard, there are even more characters coming up!

Having said all that, the show do show promise. Some of the characters were very interesting and it was cool watching them discover their powers. So I'll back for episode 3, hopefully it will continue to get better.

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