Friday, February 2, 2007

The Amazing Race Asia winners All-Female Team

The Amazing Race Asia finished yesterday and the all-female Malaysian team of Zabrina & Joe Jer finished first. This is the first time a female-team have won The Amazing Race and though that is a good thing, I think the fact that they won has more to do with the other teams' mistakes than their ability.

Now when I saw that the final leg was in Malaysia, I thought that one of the Malaysian teams will win it. Andrew & Syeon were the better bet but a bad 'Lonely Planet' guidebook and a stubborn refusal to ask for directions doom their cause. The mistakes of Sandy & Francesca were even worse! They went to the Sarawak Cultural Village in Kuching and after the task, they jogged around the village to get to the exit, when there was a short-cut in the other direction! A stupid mistake that cause them to lose as they would have beaten Zabrina & Joe Jer in the final sprint otherwise.

Now that's over...what the hell were SaFra doing in the race? Since when was New Zealand part of Asia? I don't care how long they've stayed in Hong Kong, SaFra (nice couple that they are) are not Asians. And when I watched The Amazing Race Asia, I expect to be watching ASIANS. Don't even get me started on Andy & Laura who are from the U.K, I mean are all the Thais in the world dead! Can't the producers find 1 Thai team, just 1! Can you imagine what will happen if the first winners of The Amazing Race Asia were from...New Zealand! Come on.

Here are a few suggestions for the producers if there is a second season:
1. Get ASIANS racers (simple but oh so hard to do)
2. Go around the world or at least out of Asia (Australia & New Zealand don't count since you guys think they belong in Asia)
3. Can we please get some teams from other countries (why were there 2 teams from Malaysia and 2 from Philippine, Asia has a lot of countries you know)

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