Sunday, February 25, 2007

Marvel’s Civil War #7

I was a little late this week but just picked up #7 of Marvel’s Civil War and you guys know what...Bulleye was right, Steve Rogers must've been fighting Bing Crosby in WWII.

The end for the Marvel series of the year was a surrender! By Captain America no less, while HE WAS WINNING! Are those guys at Marvel kidding me? This is Captain America, the WWII hero right? He quit in the midst of a firefight...while winning. Does that make any sense to anyone? Ok, Mark Millar want Cap to lose; I can understand that but that is the ending? Is this the same Mark Millar that gave us Wanted? What about the death of Bill Foster, Steve Rogers will just forget about that and QUIT? What a cop-out!

At least with DC's Infinite Crisis, things make sense. Superboy's death, Superman's injury, even Superboy Prime's madness; you can understand why they happen and the reasons for them. Captain America's surrender is because of PROPERTY DAMAGE! When superheroes fight, things get smash. You're telling me Captain America didn't know that? So what if the fight was in New York, a WWII war hero do not quit in the middle of a fight. Especially when he was winning. I'm not a Captain America fan, but come on, respect the character more than THAT!

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