Thursday, February 22, 2007

Signboards for taxis?

STUPID! That's the first reaction I had when I heard this one. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will put up signboards at taxi stands in town to indicate the average waiting times for taxis in the evening. They will then also update the information monthly to reflect the latest waiting times in the city so that passengers can decide whether to join the queue or wait elsewhere. This is because they say that getting a taxi in town at night can be a long waiting game.

No wonder people say that Singaporeans are too rich for their own good! Do Singaporeans truly need this? I mean if it take too long for a taxi, then take the bloody bus! That's what I do. Is LTA that rich that they are going to spend money on THIS? How about using that money and say lower the Road Tax for cars and buses, that way the bus companies can lower the bus fares. Now that is what the money should be used for.


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