Monday, February 5, 2007

What won't you do for a car?

Oh, how much will you suffer to keep your car. In case anyone wonders here in good old materialistic Singapore, people will go to great (stupid and abusive) lenghts to buy and keep a car! Don't believe me? See this:
- Spend almost all of their monthly paycheck on the car; not a problem
- Go in debt to pay for the car; not a problem
- Spend $100,000 to buy the car but don't drive it because you can't pay for the petrol cost; not a problem
- Insist to everyone that a car is worth having despite the (much cheaper) public transport system in Singapore; not a problem
- When you go in debt and cannot pay off the loan, beg from friends; not a problem

Yes, here in the Lion City the CAR is that important!

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