Monday, March 10, 2008

Are you kidding me?

If you had read this blog anytime within the past 2 weeks, you would have known about my bitching on how little we normal Singaporeans knows about the Mas Selamat bin Kastari’s escape. And that the government should tell Singaporeans as soon as possible on how the escape took place.

At least now know why there was no information. They don't know! Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has finally come out and said, "How did it happen? We're not absolutely sure yet." Are you kidding me? Didn't the government just said that no one helped Kastari escaped? How in the world would you know that if you don't even know how the escape took place? Someone explain that one to me please?

Personally I thought it was a little admirable that Wong Kan Seng (Singapore's Minister for Home Affairs) came out in Parliament and took the hit for the government. But 2 weeks in, and they still don't know how it took place? That I (and I believe most Singaporeans) find unacceptable!


Anonymous said...

Does that mean you find the other stuff - GST hike, restriction of civil rights, gerrymandering, withholding upgrading of opposition wards, means testing, ministerial salaries, public transport fare hikes, NS for S'poreans while jobs for foreigners, target of 6.5 million population, and compulsory annuities - acceptable? ;)

Anonymous said...

They don't know but they can tell, baffling!

Ghost said...

If they don't know, they should just say so. I'm very interested to hear how the government know that no one helped Kastari escaped when they don't even know how he escape. That one will be good.