Saturday, March 1, 2008

Comics this week

Countdown to Final Crisis #9- I never got Brother Eye. Never got it during Infinite Crisis and nothing has changed. The machine created by Batman took over all of Apokolypse this issue. Yes, that’s right! A machine took over the world that is ruled by Darkseid. Nuff said. That’s how stupid this issue is. Skip it if you value common sense.

Crime Bible: The Five Lessons of Blood #5- A spin-off of 52, Crime Bible ends this issue the same way Black Adam: The Dark Age did. With the writer’s eye on the bigger prize; gunning for an ongoing series. The compelling miniseries has so far being the Question’s quest to learn the five lessons of blood that make up the Crime Bible– deceit, lust, regret, greed and murder. She has learned them well. So well that Flay, the leader of the Followers of Cain, decided to test her. A beautiful fight later, Flay lay dead and the Question is the new leader of the Followers of Cain. And then…the end. Like Black Adam, there's no conclusion to the story. Wait for the ongoing series people.

Project Superpowers #1- Project Superpowers follow the latest trend in comics recently. Get some Golden Age superheroes together and thrust them into modern times. We saw it with Marvel’s miniseries The Twelve, now it’s Project Superpowers. After reading it, I have a warning for everyone. Pick up Project Superpowers #0 first. If you don’t, you will not understand #1. The story is basically about the need to reopen Pandora’s Box. Only the problem is that in this story, the box is actually an urn. But the writers never explain this or why it's so important to open it! If you didn’t pick up #0, you will have no idea why the urn is so important. I cannot understand how Dynamite could miss that which is sad because the art is brilliant. Alex Ross outdid himself here. Unfortunately, the epic feel of the art could not save the mistake in the story. Pick up #0 first, and then come here.

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