Sunday, March 16, 2008

Comics this week

Countdown to Final Crisis #7- 3 weeks ago, I express my happiness when Paul Dini & gang gave Holly Robinson and Harley Quinn some cool new powers. This issue opened with those powers gone. How did both Harley and Holly lose their God-given powers...we will never know, unless of course we pick up some other stupid tie-in that explain that. As Countdown near its conclusion, I find wondering about Trinity (DC's new weekly after Countdown); should I collect it? Not after this mess!

Annihilation Conquest #5- The original Annihilation was so successful that it single-handedly revived the long neglected Marvel Universe cosmic characters. I hope Conquest doesn't finish the revival before it get started. Okay; Conquest isn't that bad, but it's just isn't that good either. A series that is suppose to be a sequel to Annihilation has to be great, and at best Conquest is merely good. The 3 separate storylines also didn't help matter; Star-Lord's escape, the High Evolutionary's scheme, and Ronan's final gamble are all interesting, but nothing like the epic battles of Annihilation. This issue is only good if you enjoy Ultron, and want to know how it became the supreme ruler of the Phalanx. If you (like me) never enjoy Ultron, then I'm afraid there's not much here for you.

Nova #11- The terrific duo of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning has done it again. They are seemingly having blast with Nova, and every issue so far has been one hell of a ride. At the far edge of the galaxy, Nova meet New Mutants' Warlock. Warlock is one of those characters that writers seems to have fun rebooting from time to time; I hope this latest version sticks. Warlock as the saviour of his race seems far-stretched, but it work here as he is given an underdog role. After Cosmo, the talking Russian dog, and now Warlock; I look forward to the next forgotten cosmic hero that will show up.

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