Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good news for America

Anyone who had read this blog before knows that I’m not a big fan of U.S President George W Bush. I’ve always thought Bush was a guy who meant well, but was too incompetent for the job.

He has just proved that I was right in my judgment. On the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, Bush had insisted that the world was a safer place because the US had acted to invade Iraq.
Which planet did the guy come from? Let us overlook the argument whether pulling out of Iraq now will be good or bad for the U.S, but how can anyone claim that the world is a safer place after the invasion of Iraq? I hope this is just a political speech Bush is giving out because if he really believe this…he is even stupider than I give him credit for. What’s even worse was when he said that the troop ‘surge’ had brought about "victory"...last I checked people are still dying in the streets of Baghdad.

Goods news for Bush is that the expected Republican Party nominee, John McCain, has continued to support the Bush administration policy in Iraq and is currently leading the Democratic Party’s Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in polls. So there’s every chance the war will continued after Bush.

In Bush’s mind, that will mean that America will even be “safer” in the future. Good news for America.


Anonymous said...

Bad news for the rest of the world! As many had pointed out, Bush is the real cause of promoting terrorism globally.

BUSH = Beat Up Saddam Hussein
HSUB = How Stupidity Unleashed Barbarianism - Go ask George Bush (but I doubt he had any idea whatsoever)

Ghost said...

If you think Bush was bad, just think of how 'good' John McCain (a real war-hero) will be for the world. If he win, the war in Iraq might actually last for another 8 years.

Anonymous said...

Yes, if John McCain wins the presidential election, not only Iraq but Iran and probably the whole neighbourhood will be in deep shit.