Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Where is Mas Selamat bin Kastari?

Like most Singaporeans, I had received a SMS message with a picture of Singapore’s most wanted man, Mas Selamat bin Kastari. His escape has caused no small amount of embarrassment for the Singapore government, and now come the overkill to catch him.

Too bad there’s no overkill on how did the escape happen. Yes, there’s an enquiry on how he’s escape but what info does Singaporeans has on the matter…nothing. However that’s a rant for another day. What I’m worried about now is how much is Singapore coordinating with Malaysia and Indonesia on the matter. Is the Singapore government is so worried about catching Kastari themselves that they are no considering all the options?

Is Kastari even still in Singapore? Singapore police had openly said that they believe he is, but Malaysian and Indonesian security agencies said that he is not. The Indonesians went so far as to claim a location; that Kastari is somewhere around Batam! Just who is right?

Hopefully, Singapore is not so worried about their ‘face’ that they are opening ignoring the possibility of Kastari leaving Singapore already! If he has left Singapore already, I think the most important thing is to help the Malaysian and Indonesian to catch him; not worry about who catches him.

However when you consider the ‘pride’ we Singaporeans hold in our ‘first-class security’, that may really be wishful thinking.

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