Friday, March 21, 2008

Mas Selamat, where are you?

Anyone remember the scratch & win coupons from Singapore Pools a few years ago? The search for Mas Selamat is becoming something like that; keep scratching, but no winning.

You would think that after 210,000 pamphlets on the fugitive and searching 121 empty buildings in one day (I know, Singapore has 121 empty buildings?); there would be some headway for the search of Mr. Mas. Since there isn’t, I wonder how long it will be before our dear Singapore government finally admits Mr. Mas is no longer in Singapore. Because every Singaporeans I spoke to believe that he is no longer in Singapore, it’s not hard to believe that the only people who believe he is still in Singapore is people in the Singapore government.

Why not just admit Mas Selamat has escaped? That way Singaporeans no longer have to be the butt of jokes everywhere, what else would you call headlines like: "Terror Suspect Eludes Posse of 4 Million"? If the government truly believes Mr. Mas is still with us, how about showing Singaporeans some evidence? I know those people struck in the jam at the Causeway will want to hear it


Anonymous said...

The government cannot show the public evidence of Mas Selamat Kastari (MSK) still in Singapore. That would compromise the security nature of the current search operation. Well, at least that's what Mr Wong KS said.

Aiyah, c'mmon lah. We're not born yesterday. Many know something fishy is going on already. Maybe some kind of special island-wide operation is being planned and executed, which requires large-scale mobilisation but needed some kind of justification to carry out. So this plot was being hatched.

It's only a matter of time when either MSK is declared as caught (he did not escape in the first place, but was made to appear so) or dead (not in the forest but during custody for some reason, but his feigned escape is used as a smokescreen).

Sounds like fiction, but you never know for sure...

Anonymous said...

Leave without trace, it happen, what to do...

Ghost said...

What the government can do is to tell us how it happen, like how Kastari escaped!

Anonymous said...

The government may not tell us how it happened, for one the following reasons:

1. It'll make the Home Team look stupid.

2. It was an orchestrated plot for some special operations, so no explanation can be given else it'll reveal the real intention.

3. Kastari is still in custody; the one who escaped was just a double to create a false impression in order to execute point (2).

4. The Home Team really had no idea how Kastari escaped; maybe he knows black magic.