Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Campaign for Singapore!

You know how the Singapore government had been trying to get Singaporeans to have more children? And how they had been failing miserably for years? Here’s a novel reason for the failure: Singapore was not ambitious enough.

Singapore should take a page out of…Turkmenistan! Their president had just announced incentives to reward women who give birth to eight or more children. Yes, 8 children! They will get a one-off payment of US$250, free dental care, utilities and public transport.

You know the old football tactic; if you want a point, then you must go for 3. That way if you if fail to get 3 points, at least you can draw. Guess the Turkmenistan government is going for the same thing. If women do not get 8, at least they can get half that; 4 children for every couple!

Singapore should follow their example. Just imagine the slogan: Do your national duty; have 6 children or more! That way even if they fail to get 6 (and they will fail), they can at least have 3! Just in line with the “have 3 or more” thing they have now. The women will also be so miserable in failing to do their duty; they will put even more pressure on other women to make up the numbers for them. They will do the work for the Singapore government!

So what are you waiting for? New slogan; new campaign: Have 6 children or more!

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