Thursday, May 22, 2008

Comics this week

Avengers: The Initiative #13- Okay, the first class of the The Initiative has (somehow) passed out and it's time for the second class. A fresh batch of Z-listers join Camp Hammond, meet the faculty and start adjusting to military life. So it pretend to be. The story is actually a standalone regarding the character of Emery Schaub, how he join and then finally left the Initiative. I find the character to be pretty funny, and a little sad he is leaving. Mainly because he's more interesting than most of the other new recruits! Gorilla Girl? Batwing? Annex? Christos Gage is really scraping the bottom on this. At least we still have Taskmaster who again show how he can be both a bastard and a great teacher. The last scene of this issue was a killer. Good issue.

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