Saturday, May 31, 2008

Comics this week

Final Crisis #1- After the thus far disappointing Marvel mega-event "Secret Invasion", DC is throwing its' hat into the ring. As expected, "Crisis" is the word in its title. First off, I will say DC got the writer right. You can't go much bigger than Grant Morrison in the comics world nowadays.
After reading it, I must say that I find it intriguing. One thing good about Morrison is his ability to hint at something bigger; aka he's good at the setup issues. Final Crisis #1 is just that. It's a setup issue and a very well-done one at that. Just in this first issue, you get to see the Multiverse, the Moniters, the Alpha GLs and the New Gods. Oh, and it's starts with Anthro the First Boy and ends with Kamandi, the last. Also the death/execution of Martian Manhunter by Libra was well-done. Quick, shocking with no long speech by the villain or a long-struggle by the hero.
Final Crisis #1 is mystery but it is also a gripping one! The scope is large and I want to know where it is going. That make it a success in my book.

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