Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Politics of Karma II

Actress Sharon Stone was reported saying in public that the Sichuan earthquake was karma for the Chinese government crackdown on Tibetan monks. Now there are online rants, mainly Chinese, that Sharon Stone was stupid and protesting that the Sichuan earthquake has nothing to do with the crackdown.

Protesting a little too much, if you ask me. Why are the Chinese bloggers going after Sharon Stone? It's not as if she was the first one who thought this. Just about 10 days ago, I have blogged about this thinking of karma. And I heard of it even before that, almost the day after the earthquake!

If you are desperate, go ahead and say it is coincidence but the only fault Sharon Stone made was making public a thinking most people had already. If these Chinese bloggers have so much time on their hand criticising people for no reason (Yao Ming and Jet Li didn't give enough money for relief? Is there a minimal amount for donations?), how about channeling some of that energy to relief effort. Last I heard, they still need it.

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