Tuesday, May 20, 2008

You call this a compromise?

There is some talks in Singapore's newspaper today about how Myanmar has finally agreed to accept aid from Southeast Asian (ASEAN) countries. Foreign ministers are meeting here in Singapore to discuss how to help Myanmar recover from the Cyclone Nargis, and some deal has been made about how ASEAN has finally convinced Myanmar's military rulers to accept aid from foreign countries.

Sorry, but exactly what has changed? Cyclone Nargis left more than 130,000 dead or missing, and Myanmar's military rulers have said 'NO' to offers of foreign relief unless the military get to distrubite it themselves. They get to decide where to sent the aid, who get the aid, how much they will get, and they will do it all themselves with no foreigners allowed. Just dump all the aid to the military and let them decide.

Isn't that exactly what was agreed on here in Singapore? I know ASEAN would like to call this a compromise, but how is this a compromise? Isn't this what the Myanmar's rulers want? If ASEAN give this deal to Myanmar, shouldn't we call this folding our hand rather than a compromise? After all, all ASEAN is doing is to get aid delivery to Myanmar and let the military rulers decide on everything else, isn't it?

The exact same thing they are had been wanting since the cyclone. Call this what it is; This isn't a compromise, but a cop-out.


Anonymous said...

Once again, the "ASEAN credibility" is called to question again (refer to your post dated November 19, 2007).

Good job, ASEAN - Association of Senselessly Embarassing Asian Nations.

Ghost said...

Once again Myanmar is embrassing the hell out of ASEAN. I can accept it in Sep last year because that's a political situation. This is NOT! ASEAN must show some bite now because this is to save lives

Anonymous said...

So the junta's bad boy behaviour gets rewarded.

I foresee in the years to come things going from bad to worse.

Maybe, some adventurous soul could send in an expeditionary force of mercenaries to 'take out' or neutralise the junta.

The Burmese citizens must be completely disillusioned with the rest of the world, esp. ASEAN.

Ghost said...

Sorry, no oil in Myanmar