Friday, September 4, 2009

Comics this week

Immortal Weapons #2- In Immortal Weapons #1, I said that if the other Immortal Weapons are as interesting as Fat Cobra, then Immortal Weapons deserve to be an ongoing book. The major word there is ‘If’, and unfortunately for fans of the Immortal Weapons and Iron Fists series, Bride of Nine Spiders is nowhere near as interesting as Fat Cobra. The biggest problem for this issue is that Bride of Nine Spiders is not the main character. At the end of the issue, I still know nothing about the Bride. I’m not even sure what her powers are; I think it is a combination of martial arts and man’s natural fear of spiders. However it’s only a guess, so I could be wrong. Such uncertainly about the Bride of Nine Spiders is not good for when most fans do not know anything about the Immortal Weapons.

Irredeemable #6- Isn’t this a 6-part mini-series? Maybe Mark Waid has something on his sleeve because it is still going. It was interesting to see the superheroes in action against the Modeus robots (finally doing something other than dying or getting knocked out) and it seems we are finally going to see the reasons for Plutonian’s rampage. Not a moment too soon because Irredeemable is wearing out its welcome a little.

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