Saturday, September 5, 2009

Blame Them for Everything

Blame them for everything! That’s seems to be the new motto for the Chinese government. Several hundred police officers swarmed the Chinese city of Urumqi after a protest drew tens of thousands of protesters.

The protestors took to the streets after many residents, mostly from the Han Chinese community, were attacked in the capital of restive Xinjiang region in a series of mysterious syringe attacks. No one had been infected or poisoned in the attacks and it is a mystery what is contained in the syringes. In fact, most people think that the reports of hypodermic needle attacks were overblown. That does not matter!

At least not to as China's security chief had blamed Muslim separatists for the attacks. Despite having no evidence to back that up, the Chinese government seems determined to cause the guilt on "ethnic separatist forces." This bring to mind the July 5 ethnic riots in Xinjiang when the Chinese government put the blame on "ethnic separatist forces" despite evidence that the riots broke out after a mishandling of a brawl involving factory workers.

Emotions are running high but wouldn’t blaming "ethnic separatist forces" enflame tempers instead of lowering them? I mean most experts on China even think that the reports of hypodermic needle attacks were overblown, a result of overblown fears due to the July 5 riots. That does not matter!

Blame them for everything! Evidence is secondary! Those seem like the new motto of the Chinese government.

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