Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Report and Two Rejections

So a US-based rights group, almost five billion US dollars in the two Singaporean banks released a report that said that the Myanmar's ruling junta had deposited billions of dollars with two Singapore banks, DBS and OCBC. According to the report, almost five billion US dollars are stashed in the two Singaporean banks. Both DBS and OCBC have come out to reject the report and both claim that there was no truth in the report by EarthRights International.

I read this and I have to ask why? I’m not in the banking industry and even I believe the Myanmar's ruling junta has money stored in Singapore. Is this supposed to be a secret? If that is the case, then the Singapore government should stop trying so hard to defend the junta from international condemnation. Just last month, the Singapore government said that it was “happy” about the 18-month house arrest term given to Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi. Before that, the military regime refused international aid from Cyclone Nargis and crackdown on protesting monks; did Singapore say anything?

Nothing EarthRights International had said is new and if DBS and OCBC want to claim the Myanmar's ruling junta has no money with them; they will need to provide some strong evidence of that

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