Friday, September 18, 2009

Comics this week

Blackest Night #3- Of all the various company crossovers I had read, I must say that Blackest Night has cemented a place in my heart. It has to be the most effective horror-based crossover I have ever read. I was never a fan of Firestorm, either Ronnie Raymond or the current Jason/Gen combo, but I may have been missing something good because Firestorm was the emotional heart of this issue. Yes I know everyone will look at the debut of The Indigo Tribe as the most important part of the issue, but nothing beat the pain and horror of Jason as his would-be girlfriend was killed in front of his eyes. Ivan Reis really outdid himself this issue as the art was nothing short of brilliant from front to back. The sorrow of Jason was shown scene by scene and it would not be nearly as heart wrenching without the brilliance of Reis. With non-stop action and solid character development, Blackest Night has the making of a true classic.

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