Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's Not Climate Change?

I’m sure you have all seem the pictures. The pictures of how the Sydney skyline turned red due to a dust storm that swept through Sydney a few days ago.

Guess what? It’s back. Eastern Australia was hit by another giant dust storm that has turned Sydney's air yellow and orange, causing breathing problems for certain residents. The storm did not approach the doomsday red glow of a few days ago but visibility was sharply reduced. The storm was so bad that it is believed dust from the storm landed in New Zealand, 4,000 km away.

Despite this, people are still refusing to accept that climate change has something to do with the dust storms. After the first dust storm a few days ago, experts in Australia say that it is too early to blame climate change for the dust storm as turning Sydney into a scene from a disaster movie. Now that’s two large dust clouds within a week, the hottest August on record in Australia, which is also in the midst of a decade-long drought.

Climate change anyone?

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