Friday, September 25, 2009

Comics this week

Nova #29- An old Nova starship came through the Fault and Richard Rider moved in with his team to check it out. Things go downhill from there. My feelings for this issue are mixed. I like the fact there is a new Nova coming on board, this one an old veteran but this is not the time to add to the Nova Corps. I mean I hardly know any of these Novas on probation now and you want to add another one? Good idea, bad timing.

Guardians of the Galaxy #18- After last issue’s back-to-the-wall action, this was a disappointment. I can understand the need to show the adventures of Starlord, Jack Flag and company, but a time travel story is not the way to do it. Yes, I’m one of those who hate time-travel stories; I mean do we really need to see half of our Guardians of the Galaxy joining up with another Guardians of the Galaxy group to fight War of the Worlds tripods? Just writing that up seems stupid!

Immortal Weapons #3- The Fat Cobra story was great; the Bride of Nine Spiders story was not. Dog Brother #1 is somewhere in the middle. Though nowhere as interesting (or as funny) as Fat Cobra, the origins of Dog Brother #1 was a welcome from the disaster of last issue. This dark story was one of pain and growth and how the current Dog Brother #1 took over the position from his hero, the previous Dog Brother #1. However this issue has a big problem the Bride of Nine Spiders issue had also; at the end of the issue, we know nothing about Dog Brother #1. We see the origins but we saw nothing of Dog Brother #1 right now. That’s a problem that has to be fixed in a hurry.

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