Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Strange Vista

I just got myself a new PC last week. Everything is fine about the PC…so far, but I got Windows Vista instead of Windows XP.

Now I was offered either Vista or XP by the shop. Since Vista is newer (and only about $20 more) than XP, I chose Vista. I heard that Microsoft had patch up Vista from the numerous problem it faced when it was first launch, and it is working fine now.

Vista is working fine. No crashes or the other problems I heard it had but having said that, I find Vista to be a strange, strange beast. Now I used XP for a couple of years already so I’m more used to it than Vista, but even accounting for that, I found some parts of Vista to be very strange.

I used AVG 8.5. It’s free and I allow it to update once the system is on. For some reason, Vista blocks the automatic updates. I have to manually click on AVG to update it for new anti-virus. It’s a minor thing but I don’t understand why it keeps blocking AVG when I told it to allow the automatic update.

Also Vista always updates itself. I was playing a game when the game just shut down and Vista says that there are new updates available. I have no problem with Vista updating itself but to shut down a program I am using just to tell me there are updates available? This after stopping the AVG automatic updates which I allowed!

Maybe I am doing something wrong, or maybe I’m not doing something I should be doing (since I haven’t done anything to Vista yet). Could some experienced Vista users please advise me on what I should be doing?


MapleROX!!! said...

Vista has a habit of blocking programs it doesn't trust. Try going to the Control Panel>Security>(And click under the Windows Firewall section)Allow a program through Windows Firewall.

Add AVG on the list and TA DAh!
i hope dis helps.

Additionally, if u want to make games run faster on vista change the vista theme into windows classic, it really does imrpove the speed by 150%!!!!

P.S. what games do u play WoW, MapleSEA? =D

Ghost said...

Thanks for the info. No online games at the moment. Playing Overlord 2 at the moment and once that's done, it's on to Majesty 2.