Monday, March 22, 2010

Any Regrets?

Last year, China was widely blamed for destroying the Copenhagen Climate Summit and not without reason. Understandable as China was, and still is, more worried about their growth figures than environment protection.

I wonder if they had changed their minds now.

People in Beijing woke up on Saturday morning to find the Chinese capital blanketed in a sandstorm. Strong winds and a severe drought in northern China and Mongolia caused a sandstorm to sweep into the city and cover the capital in a layer of yellow dust.

Chinese authorities were forced to issue a pollution warning due to hazardous conditions and advised all residents to stay indoors. Not for the first time, scientists in China blame a combination of deforestation and prolonged drought in northern China for the problem. However, an unusually humid winter was also blamed this time.

Unusually humid winter? Sounds like global warming to me.

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