Monday, March 15, 2010

Have Some Pride

As Greece try to find a way out of their debt crisis, there seems to be one country they want to come to their rescue. That country is Germany, but the German are refusing to play ball and thus far, has refused to provide any financial assistance to ease the Greek debt crisis.

There had been protests in the streets of Greece and anger over Germany’s refusal to provide rescue money unless the Greek government does more to reform their system. Now I know they are both part of the European Union, but why should Germany step in to pay Greece’s debts?

From what I read so far, the previous Greek government was the one who chalk up Greece’s national debt, then they engaged in accounting tricks to hide the debts, and now the current government does not have the money to pay for the debts they have. Where does Germany come into this?

I mean Singapore and Malaysia might be part of Asean, but if Singapore has debts, I won’t expect Malaysia to pay them. Vice verse, if Malaysia has debts, I wouldn’t want Singapore to help pay them off. And we used to be 1 country!

To any Greek reading this, I mean no insult but it’s kind of pathetic to blame the Germans for not paying off your debt. Have some pride and pay off your own debts!


Anonymous said...

As far as Greece's national debt Crisis goes, the Germans can answer with the well-known phrase, "It's all Greek to me!"

Ghost said...

Yeah. You created the mess, you fixed it. That's what the German should be saying to the Greek.