Sunday, March 21, 2010

Comics this week

Siege #3- Give Marvel its due; Siege is a brainless punch-up and they never pretend it to be anything else but that. Writer Brian Michael Bendis tries his best but the star of the show is artist Olivier Coipel who is going to be a big star after this series. In issue #3, Captain America and his allies, the Avengers and the Secret Warriors, have arrived in Asgard to assist the Asgardians and deliver a beating to Norman Osborn. The battle for Asgard is beautifully tendered as the sheer spectacle of it is front and centre in this issue. Coipel’s work is beautiful as the brutality and pain of the battle is shown. Look out for the fall of Asgard and Thor’s reaction to that. Beautiful! Leave your brain on the cover, and you will enjoy this issue.

Guardians of the Galaxy #24- I will say this about writers, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. They have a plan. With the revelation last issue that Magus is still alive and he had captured about half the team, this issue show how Phyla-Vell and company intend to right that wrong and finish Magus once and for all. Of course, they are on the Church of Universal Truth homeworld so they would have to fight off all the troops first. The other half of the team are used mainly for comedic relief this issue, and it was pretty well-done. The way Star-Lord got one over Blastaar and got them a seat on the Galactic Council was hilarious. Still, the main player this issue was Phyla-Vell and the return of a mega-villain. Usually, the return of such a character would come out of left field but not so here. It made sense and was very well-plotted. Like I said, Abnett and Lanning have a plan.

Nova #35- The current storyline ends with this issue as the Sphinx gets his just dessert and everything goes back to normal. That’s my main problem with the current Nova story. Everything goes back to normal and I’m not surprised. This story feels like a filler. It seems like something writers, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, came up with while they were too busy with something else. Even the surprise at the end with Namorita wasn’t that surprising because I expected something like that the moment she shown up. A poor issue to end a storyline. Hopefully things will get better or I will have to drop Nova.

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