Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Singapore's Tiger Woods

Recently Singapore got its own Tiger Woods episode. A veteran Singaporean film-maker, actor and comedian, Jack Neo, had a 2 year affair with 22-year-old model, Wendy Chong.

The affair was exposed by Ms. Chong who has in recent days went on a tell-all about the affair, including where they had sex! Throughout the whole affair, Jack’s wife has remained calm, saying not only has she forgiven her husband, she had known about the affair for some time already.

Now there are questions in the media about whether Singaporeans will still go and see Jack’s movies and what a bad example he is to the young of Singapore.

Oh please! I like to know when has Jack Neo been an example for the young of Singapore? Yes, you can argue he is a self-made man but the man makes low-brow comedies! For those who never seen his movies before, think of an Adam Sandler’s movie in a Singapore context and you’ll get the idea. Yes, I know he got some cultural medal but since when was Jack Neo ever been a cultural ambassador of Singapore?

Besides, to his credit, Jack Neo has never had the image of a devoted family man. I never even knew he had 4 kids before this incident. Add to the fact that his wife also seems to have accepted and forgiven Jack Neo…so why is the Singapore media so hung up about this affair?

So in short my view on this is; he is rich, powerful and in show-business. What’s the big deal?


Anonymous said...

It's no big deal to the average rational Singaporean, but big business to the media companies which depend a lot on such news to boost their readership and income. That's why!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately many people thrives on such celebrity news, as if they do not have a life of their own, and where they can gloat over the misfortunes or mistakes of others who are better off than themselves...
This is sad but fact.

Anonymous said...

I think Jack's biggest sin is making all those crap movies and passing himself off as a big S'porean director. I can't think of anybody who has dumbed down the intelligence of so many S'poreans. Any idiot can make those "movies" he made. Let's hope this event will bury him once and for all, for the sake of S'pore's movie industry.

Ghost said...

You know, there are some who would argue that Jack Neo is the Singapore movie industry.

Anonymous said...

I wonder would JN have the nerve to make another movie of the type he had been making which brought him his fame and fortune?

The exposure has just removed one of, if not his most profitable, film making avenue.

Ghost said...

I fail to see why Jack Neo can't make another movie of the type which had brought him fame and fortune. If he wasn't afraid to make low-brow comedies before, why should he now?

Anonymous said...

the media is basically a bully in the guise of community service. man's infidelity is often targeted by the media because the people working for the media are predominantly women or that the women there are very dominant.

probably these women( working in the media or related) have been cheated or known of other women hurt by men.

so when such stories surface, the instinctive reaction in them is to
attack the man(in this case jack neo) with a vengeance or draw buckles of blood of men!

you can tell by how vicious the report is framed.

this is a warning to other men who will "cheat" on them - remember, women are forever the vulnerable ones without brains.

oh yes, the more SEXATIONAL the story( they enjoy writing it as much as doing it i suppose), the more revenues, of course.

Ghost said...

To Anno: March 11, 2010 6:11 AM

Sry but your comment was actually very funny. I highly sexism has anything to do with the Jack Neo story. More to do with morality run amok I think

Kute Steiner said...

Is Jack Neo considered to be a sex predator?

Since he is always initiating with the young girls using his director position and company his "weird" attentions/requests.

I wonder how many more girls out there too ashamed to step forward.

Oh well...at least we the parents and boyfriends have been warned.

Wendy Chong, Focye and Maelle Meurzec and many others has to be respected for their courage in warning the rest of us the truth.

Ghost said...

No he is not. Jack Neo may have taken advantage of his position in the movie industry, but then he is hardly alone in this. Stories of the same thing happen all the time in Hollywood and HK. Another thing is that the girls were willing. No stories of Jack forcing anyone, in fact there was a story of a girl who rejected his advances. A jerk who took advantage of his position but a guy who accept 'no' from his 'victims' is hardly a sex predator

complainking said...

It's just sad that this brouhaha will probably end up in the ST 2010 News of the Year section in December. His heartland movies brought the older generation together and gave them something to talk about. Now this ruckus has become THE social platform for everyone else, from cocktail parties to watercooler talk to awkward corporate lunches. Just let it die already.