Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Proud Whiner

Yesterday in the Singapore New Paper, there was a report on a man who refused to pay a parking ticket. The man was ticketed for parking illegally along a road, but the man refused to pay for the fine.

Not that unusual, a lot of people complain when they have to pay for any fines. The thing was this man’s excuse. He admitted that he was parked illegally, but refused to pay because there were other illegally parked vehicles beside his car and they were not ticketed as well.

Yes, you read that right. His excuse wasn’t that he was innocent; it was because other people didn’t suffer the same fate as him. To put icing on the cake, this man complained that parking officers was targeting him because he was driving a Mercedes Benz!

What a whiner! I mean if you want to appeal against a fine, at the very least has the decency of pretending to be innocent. I mean what’s so great about a Mercedes Benz? If parking attendants want to target cars, they would probably target Rolls Royce, Ferraris etc. Doesn’t this guy know that there are quite a number of Mercedes Benz in Singapore?

So not only was this guy a whiner, he’s a proud whiner as well! I mean a Mercedes Benz in Singapore? Yeah, that’s so unusual.

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