Friday, March 19, 2010

Respect the Product

Video games turned into movies have a bad rap. Deservedly so as the movies from Mortal Combat to Mario Brothers were all between terrible and horrible.

A lot of times, I had heard of people asking why that is the case. I never understood that question because I always thought the reasons were obvious. First and foremost, Hollywood does not respect the parent product.

How else could you explain Jamie Foxx in negotiations to star opposite Bruce Willis in "Kane & Lynch"? Reports are out that Jamie Foxx is up for the role of Lynch with Bruce Willis playing the role of Kane. Now I never played "Kane & Lynch", but I know both Kane & Lynch are white guys! In fact, isn’t Lynch supposed to be a schizophrenic redneck?

Jamie Foxx is black!

Now they may still be able to make a great action movie out of this, but somehow I just seriously doubt it.

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