Friday, June 18, 2010

Comics this week

Brightest Day #4- Currently, the main spotlight of Brightest Day had been Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter. This changes in #4. The big problem I said at the start was how huge and epic the series feels and in this issue, the problems came to the fore as the action changes from Hawkworld to Ronnie’s college to Deadman’s journey into Dove’s bedroom. Everything is well-written but writer Geoff Johns has too many balls in the air and this issue suffers for it.

Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time #3- Sometimes you pick up something that surprises you. “Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time” is one of those pleasant surprises. What was nothing but a set-up chapter in the book “Eye of the World” got the full-blown treatment here as Rand tried desperately to get his injured father to safety. The tension and fear of Rand was on full display as he played cat-and-mouse with the Fade. Thus far, this has been a surprisingly good comic series!

New Mutants #14- The action which returned in the last chapter of “Second Coming” kick up another notch this issue as the X-Men takes on the Nimrods in the present time while X-Force looks to cut out the Nimrod supply line in the future. In the midst of all the action, writer Zeb Wells even got a few character moments in there as well. Cyclops speech on Utopia was his best moment in the crossover while Rogue got to understand what kind of a girl Hope is. The strangest moment, as expected, was when Legion showed up. I’m no fan of the character but the interaction between Legion and his father, Charles Xavier, was great. His power powers seems to have been tweaked and what was once a cardboard villain became interesting. I also like the fact that Magneto is finally standing up! Keep this coming and “Second Coming” will be a success!

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