Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Floods in Singapore

This will be a short one today. Torrential rain poured onto Singapore today and flash flood hit several areas in Singapore. There are already several youtube clips on the floods but sometimes, pictures are the best.
Like they say; pictures tell a thousand words.


Natalie said...

Yeesh! That looks like a day to stay indoors and enjoy the rain with a good book and internet access. Amazing photos! Stay dry.

Ghost said...

Too late! I got wet the moment I went to work. I can only comfort myself by looking at the pictures and seeing that there are people worse off than me. Sick but comforting

Anonymous said...

Well it has been obvious for several years that this would happen . With all the concrete and tarmac that has been put down , and all the so called landed property that has gone from gardens and grass to tiled areas , the runoff time is now immediate . Before runoff was attenuated by land absorbtion , and bad flooding only occured with long lived heavy rain . Add to this the destruction of trees , shrubs etc , the extra heat given off by tarmac and concrete , and this will amplify the force of storms .
The biggest problem is the misunderstanding by officials and government as to how nature and the earth works , this being because the majority are and always have been city dwellers.
It is also very obvious that this is a world wide problem , and shows the misunderstanding of nature and environent by governments and their civil servants , who are in their majority city dwellers , with little or no real knowledge of how the earths reacts.

Kan Kwe Voon said...

Good evening ,

Well , we have to plant more Trees . Every one makes mistakes and we will learn .

Best Regards, Master Voon from