Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Pressure Will Still Be On

After Israel’s insane raid on a flotilla of aid ships last month, the Israeli government now has been forced under international pressure to ease the siege on the Gaza Strip. Israel’s decision is to allow all goods into Gaza, except for weapons and items deemed to have a military use.

Israel is surely hoping that this move will ease pressure on them. Sorry but I just don’t see that happening. Despite Israel's a change of course, pressure on Israel is not going to ease up.

The problem is Israel’s definition of “military use”. On paper this new decision isn’t really that different from what is happening now because this is exactly what Israel said they are doing now and the world already knows that Israel’s definition of “military use” is huge. Simple products like concrete and shipping containers are under Israel’s definition of “military use”. I mean potato chips were banned until the raid on the flotilla made the siege impossible to maintain. The world’s anger at the raid is not going to ease just because potato chips are now allowed into Gaza.

What’s worse is that Israel remained vague on what goods are now allowed and how did they came to the conclusion that these goods are now allowed while others are still not. So if Israel believed international pressure on them will ease after this latest move; they are dead wrong!

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