Friday, June 25, 2010

Comics this week

X-Men Legacy #237- 12 issues down, 2 more to go. The “Second Coming” crossover had been surprising solid thus far but the good run hit a brick wall here. As the Nimrod army continues to attack the mutants, an injured Magneto stood up to almost singlehandedly defend Utopia from the Nimrods. Meanwhile Cyclops and the X-Men defend the Golden Gate Bridge while X-Force attempt to override Master Mold's processing center in the future. Never a fan of time-travel stories, I had a hard time enjoying the X-Force section of the story. The section of Magneto was great; the section on Cyclops and the X-Men was passable, but the section on X-Force made little sense. I read it twice and I still don’t get how Cypber stop the Master Mold machine! It didn’t help that the most important section of the issue was the one which made the least sense! Overall, the crossover is a success but the writers need to pour it on in the last 2 issues or “Second Coming” will become another disappointing X-event.

X-Factor #206- Of all the tie-ins to “Second Coming”, X-Factor was the only one I pick up. Writer Peter David has positioned the series tying into “Second Coming” without being overwhelmed by the mega event. For that, I will forgive him for this weak conclusion. The issue opens with X-Factor on the run from Trask’s Mutant Response Division. As the various groups tried to reach the X-Factor safehouse, we got a few action scenes which were…well, very underwhelming. At no point did I felt that the team was in any danger whatsoever. Even when danger came, the various groups just teleport out. Even the climatic fight was poor! A weak finish to what was a pretty good story thus far.

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